Full Term Abortion

Now Legalised  in New York State

Who do they think they’re kidding? Leftists HATE human life

It seems like the world is sinking deeper into evil. I have been following the journey to

the recently passed bill in New York State that allows mothers to abort babies up to 9

months (full term) – and even after birth - which constitutes murder in my understanding.

This is all done in the name of ‘women’s rights and freedom of choice’ and yet these same authorities are clamping down harshly on parents, who after doing their research, have chosen not to vaccinate their children because they are concerned that these vaccinations can cause serious health problems and even death in their kiddies. The authorities say they want to protect children (or is it their pockets as vaccines are big money for big pharma) and yet murder is ok?? So a woman can chose to kill her baby but parents cannot chose to protect their children…just so hypocritical?

As many readers may recall, California Senator and proud Democrat Richard Pan led the push back in 2015 to restrict all vaccine exemptions in the Golden State, save for those that qualify as a medical necessity – the reason being that we need to “protect children.” And yet, Sen. Pan and many other Democrats see nothing wrong with unrestricted abortion – including abortion after a child is already born, such as is now the case in New York – justifying it as “a woman’s right to choose.”

This duplicitous stance, which on the one hand sees human life as invaluable whenever vaccine industry profits are on the line – but that also sees human life as completely worthless when the viability of, say, Planned Parenthood is on the line – proves once again that “Demoncrats” don’t really care about human life at all. Instead, what they care about is advancing their pro-death agenda, opportunistically using the lives of innocent children as bargaining chips in the process.

In California, for instance, Big Vaccine was upset that too many people were opting out of getting vaccinated for religious and philosophical reasons, which is why Sen. Pan, a Big Pharma shill on the dole of the vaccine industry, came up with Senate Bill 277 to scrap the freedom of Californians to opt out of getting them. On the other hand, murdering babies still in the womb means big profits for Planned Parenthood, not to mention it advances the Leftist eugenics agenda, thus the Left Cult’s aggressive defense of abortion – and now infanticide – which murders the lives of the very same children that the architects of SB 277 claim to want to protect.

Leftist virtue signaling, in other words, is just that: empty rhetoric that changes with the wind, depending on the endgame of a particular Leftist agenda item. When the Left wants to take away parents’ right to choose not to vaccinate, for example, the argument becomes, “but what about the children!” That same “but what about the children!” argument also comes into play whenever the Left is trying to push more gun control, another popular Leftist agenda item.

But when it comes to the legitimate pro-life argument of, “but what about the unborn children!” Leftists ridicule the concept as infringing on “a woman’s right to choose.” And on and on goes the Leftist merry-go-round of incongruent talking points that contradict each other, depending on the subject at hand.

The fact that the Left Cult clapped for and openly celebrates New York’s legalization of newborn baby murder, while simultaneously pretending to care about the lives of newborn babies who they claim are at risk of dying from the unvaccinated, represents the epitome of Leftist hypocrisy. It’s also undeniable proof that Leftists are amoral political opportunists who routinely exploit children in order to push their anti-human, anti-freedom agenda.

Leftist hatred for human life is also evident whenever the conversation veers towards the lives of Christians, conservatives, or anyone who supports President Trump – including, as a recent case-in-point, the Covington Catholic High School boys, whom many Leftists said should be murdered, simply for the crime of smiling while being white.

“The obvious question now becomes this: If these Demoncrats are thrilled about murdering their own children (i.e. future Demoncrats), do you think they will hesitate one bit to start murdering Christians, conservatives, Trump supporters or white people?” asks Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

“Make no mistake, the Demoncrat agenda is not simply the mass censorship of conservative, pro-Christian free speech, nor even the murder of President Trump. Their true agenda is a nationwide ethnic cleansing mass murder campaign against their political opponents, carried out in a way that will make the Holocaust look tiny in comparison.”

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Demoncrats’ willingness to murder children born alive (infanticide) exposes total fraud of vaccine mandates they claim “protect children”

Wednesday, February 06, 2019 by: Ethan Huff