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About Homeopathy

The essence of homeopathic treatment is to bring about balance to the body and to remind the body how to heal itself in accordance with the miraculous and perfect way in which it has been created. This is done by prescribing remedies that best suit the patient on a physical, mental and emotional level. Dr Bredenkamp thus views more in-depth homeopathic consults and the relationship built with the patient over time as a critical part of the healing process. She strives to offer each patient a thorough homeopathic treatment, but believes that true healing is ultimately a matter between the patient and our Maker.



Medical Tests


Dr Debbie & What She Does

Dr Bredenkamp is qualified in Homeopathy, Iridology and Reflexology.

​The focus of the consult is homeopathic case, but iridology, reflexology and medical exams including blood tests are used to assist in diagnosis. She works with a variety of conditions but more frequently treats children, as well as female, emotional and muscoskeletal health cases. Dr Debbie also offers a highly-successful three-month wellness and weight-loss programme.