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Here are a few homeopathic remedies for cough:  

The homeopathy remedy of cough varies according to the symptoms; they are given every two to four hours depending on

the severity. Here is information on a few of the more commonly used cough remedies:

  • Give Aconite when there is a dry irritating cough that comes suddenly or on exposure to dry cold wind.

  • Bryonia is best given for hard dry cough that makes the child hold his/her head or chest; the child wants cool drinks but is soothed by hot ones. The cough gets worse by movement. 

  • Belladonna is ideal for a dry barking cough with a headache when the child is hot and flushed and his/her pupils are dilated.

  • Ipecac is to be given for breathlessness and wheezing with rigid coughing spasms. The child also experiences nausea and rattling in the chest and can vomit from the coughing.

  • In case of dry irritating cough with wheezing that is worse at night, making the child irritable give Chamomilla.

  • Pulsatilla is to be given when the cough is dry at night and wet in the morning producing yellow or green phlegm. The child could be tearful, not thirsty and would feel better sitting up.

  • Kali bich is best given when there is stringy phlegm that the child finds difficult to bring up.

  • Ant tart works best for a cough rattling from the chest.   

  • Causticum works best for dry cough, raw throat, hoarseness; the child may find it soothing to drink cold drinks. 

  • Give Kali carb for dry cough that is hard, with lumpy phlegm. The child will feel weak and chilly and may wheeze. The cough becomes worse on eating and better in the warmth.

  • The remedy Nux Vom works best for a tickling dry cough that turns worse on exertion, eating, cold winds and in mornings and gets better with warm drinks.

AND THERE ARE MANY MORE!!! And also things we can do to help the healing like:

  • Decrease mucous forming foods like sugar and wheat and dairy
  • Sip on honey and lemon drinks Use humidifiers unless the cough is aggravated by moist conditions

I have certainly seen my fair share of kiddies with coughs and colds this winter and it seems

that the bugs get stronger each year, but thankfully, these little patients, on homeopathic treatment,

get stronger too! The longer a child is treated homeopathically, the quicker they respond to homeopathic treatment.  Cough is a reflex action helping the air passages to get rid of debris especially mucus and should therefore not be suppressed unnecessarily and is an understandably important aspect of any cold or flu. Remedies can however support the lungs, bronchi and respiratory tract and help it get over the cough quicker.

Children and Coughs