1. Covid Nosode – 3 powders are taken for three days in a row. This can be repeated every month.
  2. Genus epidemicus – 3 pillules twice daily for three days and then twice daily, twice a week until the threat passes.
  3. Herbal immune boost drops – there are a variety of options for adults and children.
  4. Vit C – 1000 to 2000mg daily.
  5. Zinc – 30 mg daily
  6. Vitamin D – 1000mg daily
  7. Vitamin B complex or a general stress formula – if the nervous system is under pressure as stress decreases the immune response.

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Covid-19 Infection Prevention & Recovery

All the above remedies are sourced from food products as much as possible and are methylated and natural to ensure the best absorption.

My patients have thankfully done well on this regime and especially those who have contracted Covid and recovered nicely.