2016 has started with more than the usual patients

consulting me for stress and anxiety – a condition that seems to be on the increase.  We live in a stressful city and during stressful times and need to look after our physical bodies in order to cope with these mental and emotional stresses.

Most of us are feeling the effects of a busy and challenging 2016 and wandering how we will make the December break. Adaptogenic herbs feed the adrenal glands and help us deal with stress more effectively, Methylated Vit B and well selected remedies can lift the mood and help us enjoy the crazy months to come.

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Treating Stress and Anxiety

Adaptogens are herbs with properties that feed the adrenal and nervous system and strengthen it. Vitamin B, magnesium and other minerals are chewed up during times of stress and need to be replenished. Homeopathic remedies like Aconite, Arg nit, Ars alb, Ignatia (and 100s more) can take the edge off the experience of stress. A treatment protocol wisely put together for the individual (we are different in how we deal with stress) can make the world of difference.