Wisdom of Symptoms

I love this attached article. Patients often look at me strangely when I say that

mucus is good, or a rash is good, or a fever is good – that we don’t want to suppress

these because they are important;

  • Fever is an important, even vital, defence against infection.
  • Tears help wash and cleanse the eyes.
  • The respiratory system is bathed in antibody and enzyme-rich secretions that are propelled up and down the throat and bronchial tree so that invaders are killed.
  • The ears secrete an antibacterial wax which helps to fight infection.
  • The frequent washing of the mouth with saliva kills some pathogens and dislodges others so that the stomach's acid and enzymes can destroy them.


Wiping a child’s snotty nose may not be pleasant but I would rather we work homeopathically at strengthening the immune system, decreasing aggravating factors like sugar in the diet and gently healing the mucous membranes than taking medicines that suppress the symptom but do not bring about cure.